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Free Equipment Orientation -

Every member is encouraged to schedule a free Equipment Orientation.  In this visit, you will learn about our Cybex strength training system; how to use is safely, properly and effectively.  Whether it has been a while since you last engaged in a strength-based program or have never explored strength training; allow one of our trained Fitness Staff to show you step by step!.

Youth Equipment Orientation Form- Winter 2018


Fitness Consultation -

This program is perfect for those who are trying to lose weight, start a healthy habit and need a little coaching along the way!  This one-on-one consultation takes place on a weekly basis.  It is designed to outline your fitness goals and hold you accountable to the fitness goals that you create with your Fitness Coach.  Your fitness coach will give you the tools and resources neccessary to keep you on track!  This service is only $50 per month.

Program Design -

Not know where to start?  A certified personal trainer will meet with you to assess your fitness level and help you outline your fitness goals.  After the initial assessment, your personal trainer can create a program that is customized to your likes/dislikes, ability, physical limitations (if any) in order for your to achieve your fitness goal.    Though, you will not have a personal trainer at each workout, following the written program he or she has designed for you will help you become closer to your fitness goal. 

Personal Training -

This one-on-one training program is for those who want maximum results without the guess work of a starting point, exercise plateaus, nutrition plans, and energy balance.  A certified personal trainer will begin this process with a initial assessment.  In Initial Assessment, weight, body

 measurements, Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage will be recorded.  For athletes, a strength, speed or flexibility test may be administered as well.  Each personal training session will be one-hour in duration.  Exercises are based upon your like/dislikes, ability, physical limitations (if any) and projected outcome.  Each session is $25 per hour per YMCA member or $35 per non-member.  Please check out our training packages and group rates.

Fitness Request Form

Meet our Personal Trainers